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Tracy's Clothesline Equine Laundry and Repair Service was founded in 1984. Today Tracy's Clothesline is owned by Chandra Braaten. 

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Here at Tracy's Equine Blanket Services we have been caring for horse blankets for over 30 years.  We only use the best biodegradable environmentally safe products available to wash and care for your horse blankets.  These products contain no artificial fragrances or dyes. We cold water wash and line dry all horse blankets. We do not put turnout blankets into driers. Many times, driers will ruin the polypropylene in many turnouts. We ensure we will care for your blankets to the highest level possible. 

To clean your blanket, it goes through a seven stage process. We do our cleansing and disinfecting in very large specialized commercial washing machines. These machines help to aid in the quality and function of your horse blankets. Multiple agitations and rinse cycles are key to cleaning your horse blankets properly. You do not want soap residue on your blanket! Our waterproofing process is done with Nikwax the leading waterproofing product on the market, check them out online at

Your horse blanket drip drys for 24 to 48 hours after cleaning. We highly recommend that you to send us your blankets regularly. Ammonia (NH4) is acidic and over time can degrade the fabric of your blanket and make the fabric weaker.  The number one worse thing you can do for your blankets is store them for the summer without having them cleaned. Heat activates the ammonia in the urine and can create permanent stains on your blanket.


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